“Misfits, Pioneers, and Mission”

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Misfits, Pioneers, and Mission: Church Renewal at the Margins
by Eric Cooter            
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The church is called to go out into the world and take risks for the sake of the Gospel. In a time when fewer people have a connection to a church, the church must once again seek out fresh ways to connect to people on the margins of the church. Our faith communities must try fresh models for connecting with our neighbors, for serving our neighbors, and for loving our neighbors. We need a renewed entrepreneurial spirit that calls us to step out of our comfort zones, to reach beyond the four walls of our buildings, and go share the Gospel again through one-on-one and small group relationships of trust. This book offers some principles for “on the edge” ministry, and it includes stories of trailblazers who have taken on a risk for mission on the margins.