Ministry: Pastor, Priest, Teacher

47thConventionCooter closeThe Rev. Eric Cooter, Canon for Ministry Development

Eric is a priest in the Episcopal Church, and he currently serves on the Bishop’s staff, as Canon for Ministry Development. Eric works with congregations who are in transition as Diocesan Transition officer and supports those congregations seeking to engage in revitalization initiatives.  Eric serves as the Bishop’s staff liaison overseeing the ordination program in the diocese.  Eric also  facilitates the clergy Fresh Start Program in the diocese.


Eric is married to Terri Eros, and he has a grown daughter Erica who is a Music Teacher and High School Band director.


ericgraduationMDivEric earned a Master of Divinity from the Univerity of the South, Sewanee, TN, and while there, he served as the Student Body President 2009/2010.  Prior to ordained ministry, Eric worked as a Retail Associate Buyer with Sears, and later as a Buyer with Parisian Stores, a former division of Saks Inc.


Eric’s hobbies include playing guitar, cooking, fishing, and flying.  Eric is a Chaplain (Major) in the USAF Auxiliary (CAP) and serves as Wing Chaplain for the Florida Wing. Eric also holds an FAA Commercial Pilot License Multi and Single Engine Airplane, Instrument, and he holds an FAA “Gold Seal” Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, Airplane – Instrument.



One thought on “Ministry: Pastor, Priest, Teacher

  1. Hi Rev. Eric Cooter, it was great speaking to you today about your Sermon; I enjoyed listening to it and comparing it to my conversation I had with a friend about a week ago. I will continue to follow your blog and read your posts.
    It was a pleasure to meet you.
    Mae Fahnestock

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