One Reply to “Interview – “Getting to Know Canon Eric Cooter” Diocese of Oklahoma”

  1. Hello Eric!  I was so happy to watch this interview and learn of your move to Oklahoma!  We lived in Tulsa (got my bachelor’s at University of Tulsa) but also in Oklahoma City for 9 years.  We moved to FL from OKC.   This sounds like a great fit for you and your experience!  I wish you and Terry all the best as you continue to grow. We are doing well and I am attending online retreats via zoom from Center for Spiritual Awareness.  I am also teaching Kriya Yoga meditation on zoom.  As you said in your interview – everything has to adapt.  Luckily, humans are very good at this.It is a little off practicing the presence without being with others, but we are proceeding. Last summer we purchased a small (23 foot) camper trailer and hit all the national parks on the west coast.  On the way out we stopped in Tahlequah and Tulsa to see old Okie friends. After the west coast, we then went up into Canada to Banff and Jasper.  We saw the big glaciers and had a fabulous time.  There were wild flowers everywhere. So uplifting! I dreamed I was painting a field of wild flowers.  After each flower was finished, I took the brush and lightly tapped them, filling them with spirit.  What a dream!! May absolute peace pervade the Universe,Best wishes,Linda Weser


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