Hope for today … (a reflection this morning) 4-7-2020

“For you, O Lord, are my hope,
my trust, O Lord, from my youth. Psalm 71:5″

Merriam Webster’s dictionary describes faith as ‘complete trust.’ If we say we have faith in God, do we really trust God in all circumstances, including today’s tragic pandemic? Even clergy struggle to have complete trust all the time, but that is why we, in our frailty and human condition, must rely on God. We trust professionals, politicians, experts, and those closest to us, but in whom is it that we can really trust? God in Christ, and we only need a small seed-sized amount of faith.

We who long for the presence of others, now must social distance, stay at home, all so that we can protect others, and so many of us live in fear and isolation. We do not have to remain afraid, because we can turn fear into trust and trust into hope. In Christ, we can find strength, resolve, and hope that is, if we will trust God’s grace even in the midst of tragedy.

If you need proof of God’s outpouring of love for us, if you want to see trust and hope in action, watch those health care providers on the front lines, who are pouring their hearts out in faith, to bring hope to those who are ill.

Today, trust God in these times. Have faith. Remain hopeful, remain prayerful, and remain faithful.

Peace, Fr. Eric

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