Aviation: Beauty and so much more

FirstSoloEBJ 8-18-1981I have been flying airplanes for over 37 years. From the age of 15, aviation has been a significant part of my life.  When I tell people I am a pilot and a flight instructor they sometimes ask,  “Isn’t flying dangerous?”   My response has usually been something like, “flying is no more risky than driving down the interstate, or taking a walk around your own neighborhood.”  The risks of flying are minimal to me, when you consider that flying provides a select few, pilots, aviators, and lovers of the air, opportunities to enjoy an unmatched view from the sky.  The earth is so beautiful when you see it from up there.
cropped-cropped-img_78471.jpgLife’s troubles and problems seem so small from up there.  The perspective on life is forever changed, when one sees the neighborhood from up there.  Even so, aviation offers so much more than just a view of beautiful scenery.  I will be starting a new series of reflections that looks back over my lifetime of aviation.
IMG_4648From the early days of my own flight training, to my stint as a full-time flight instructor, to today as a Mission Pilot and Flight instructor in CAP, I will share my own insights, suggestions, encouragement, and maybe a funny story or two.  Please check out my blog over the next few months, as I share a few thoughts about my adventures in aviation, this avocation that has in so many ways, brought me to a deeper appreciation of, and an ongoing and growing love of God’s holy creation.







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