Millenials – Wrestling with Faith

I had the most amazing, humbling, and enlightening experience a few weeks ago.  I spent a few hours with a new group of Christians who gather not too far from where I live.  In a city in our diocese, a community of young adults have been gathering together for study, fellowship, and support for about a year now. This was my first visit with “First Tuesday,” an emergent community, which averages fifteen (15) or so attendees and most, if not all are twenty (plus) year olds. This community is currently led by an incredible young woman, who is a leader in one of the parishes in the diocese. This group gathers together every month to discuss faith, to bear each other’s burden’s, to share a meal, and to explore what it means to live in community with each other. A couple of the young adults attend an Episcopal Church, most go to church somewhere, some go to multiple churches, and some go to no church at all.

I asked this diverse group this simple question, “If you had the opportunity to tell church leaders something, which you would like to see changed in faith communities today, what would that be?” I had several very direct, helpful, engaging, and honest answers.

Here is what I heard this group say: (1) The teaching must be applicable and understandable for living as a Christian today, (2) A welcome at the door that is authentic and engaging, (3) Music that is familiar (4) Non-Judgemental church culture, (5) A community that actually IS good news to each other, long before it attempts to go out into the world and BE good news to others, (6) Sermons that are encouraging, which provide sustenance to get me through the difficulties of life during the week. (7) Give young adults the chance to take an active leadership role.

What are your thoughts?

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