"Hoist Sail" The deep waters are calling!

The Day of Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21
“There came a sound like the rush of a violent wind”
Driving down the road the other day, I saw sitting in a marina, 20 – 30 beautiful sailboats. Just sitting there. I thought, this is not the use for which sailboats were intended. Sailboats are designed and built to ride high on the waves with sails unfurled catching the mighty winds. Sailboats are designed and built to carry people from one place to another and in the process, give people a rich, experience. Sailboats are vehicles that require a lot of work to keep them afloat. No one individual can sail a ship. It requires others who can tie off ropes at appropriate times, adjust the tension on the sails, and support each other in the quest to ride high on the winds.

The Holy Spirit came upon the church on the Day of Pentecost like the rush of a violent wind. Pneuma the greek for wind, spirit, or breath was poured out on the church that day. The breath of God breathing life into the church was the birth of the church. The mission of the church is to restore all people to unity with God and with each other in Christ. It takes many hands working together to accomplish God’s mission for the church. It takes the breath of God to accomplish God’s mission for the church. Without the breath of God, our mission becomes a vision of our own making. Without the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Voice of Truth enlightening our path, we are wondering aimlessly about.

The Church is like a ship carrying the people of God toward the mission of God. When we open our sails to receive the rush of the wind of the Holy Spirit, we are moved toward the mission of bringing others to the knowledge and love of God. It requires many hands to adjust the tension of the sails, to discern the movement of the Spirit. It requires gifts, spiritual gifts, to keep the beautiful ship on course. No one member of the church can accomplish the mission alone, but together we are called to work together. The wind of the Spirit of God can fill our sails and will guide us into all truth.

Like on the day of the birth of the Church, the Spirit came upon the people gathered, and the Spirit comes upon us today. Enlightening us, empowering us, calling us to do the work that each of us together have been called to do. We are not called to anchor in the marina, with sails tied up and riggings stowed away. The church is called to deep waters and high waves of an open sea where the Spirit blows and fills our sails, so that all may come to know Christ.

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